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What is TON Coin?

TON Coin is a cryptocurrency that enables fast, secure, and low-cost payments. Learn more about TON Coin and its features

What is Ton coin?

Ton coin is a digital cryptocurrency that is designed to operate on a blockchain network. Ton coin was created by Telegram, the popular instant messaging app, and its founder, Pavel Durov. The initial coin offering (ICO) of Ton coin raised over $1.7 billion, making it one of the largest ICOs in history.

Ton coin is built on a decentralized blockchain platform that offers fast and secure transactions. It operates on the Telegram Open Network (TON), which is a blockchain-based platform that allows developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

History of Ton coin

Ton coin was announced by Telegram in December 2017. The ICO of Ton coin was supposed to take place in January 2018, but it was delayed due to regulatory issues. The ICO was eventually launched in March 2018 and raised over $1.7 billion in two private sales. The public sale was scheduled for March 2019, but it was canceled due to ongoing regulatory issues.

In October 2019, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) obtained a temporary restraining order against Telegram, alleging that the company had violated U.S. securities laws by conducting an unregistered ICO. In March 2020, Telegram announced that it was abandoning the project due to the ongoing legal battle with the SEC.

Description of Ton coin

Ton coin is designed to be a fast and secure cryptocurrency that can be used for a wide range of applications. It operates on the TON blockchain, which uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to validate transactions. This means that users can earn Ton coins by staking their existing coins on the network.

Ton coin offers several unique features that make it stand out from other cryptocurrencies. It has a low transaction fee, which makes it ideal for micropayments and other small transactions. It also offers instant transactions, which means that transactions are confirmed within seconds.

Ton coin can be used for a wide range of applications, including peer-to-peer payments, micropayments, and decentralized applications. It can also be used to pay for goods and services on websites that accept Ton coin.


In conclusion, Ton coin is a fast and secure cryptocurrency that is designed to operate on the Telegram Open Network. It offers several unique features that make it ideal for a wide range of applications, including micropayments, peer-to-peer payments, and decentralized applications. While the future of Ton coin is uncertain due to ongoing legal battles, it is still an exciting project that has the potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry.

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